Angel Lito Pena Plaza
Maestro 1921-2002
Lito Pena was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico on the 17 of July in 1921. He was the son of Juan Pena Reyes and Bertha Plaza. He was the fifth of nine children: Manuel, Juan, Maria, Tomasita, Jesus, Victoria, German and Miguel. Coming from a musical tradition Angel began his studies in clarinet, saxaphone and piano. He studied piano with the profesor Carmelina Figueroa in San Juan. During the second world war he was a member of the "411th Armed forces Services Band".

In 1954 he organized "la Orquestra Panamericana". Being the director of the orchestra he continued his musical studies in the Conservatory in Puerto Rico 1960-1964. Later he reorganized and directed La Banda Estatal de Puerto Rico over 18 years (1984-2002)
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